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Avio transport

Road transport

We conduct transport throughout Europe, KOMPAS's transport services cover a wide network. Our surface storage solutions get your shipments where they need to be, when they need to be there.

Pomorski transport

Air freight

With the global HTFN network and advanced logistics solutions, our air freight services provide comprehensive solutions for the needs of air cargo.

Kopneni transport

Ocean freight

KOMPAS provides you with services of organization of ocean freight in import and export from door to door for any destination in the world. By cooperating with big carriers, we provide you with favorable conditions in terms of transport prices and the location of the cargo space.

Pictures of our vehicles


About us and our values

Kompas international transport Ltd. was founded in 1994.
Kompas International Transport Ltd. is a family company that has been on the market for 25 years. The main activities are the operations of international freight forwarders and international transport services. Since 2014, we have expanded our work from the road to the sea and air freight.
With our own fleet of 40 vehicles, we have great experience in road traffic. We are particularly specialized for express delivery. In any part of Western Europe, we can react very quickly for emergency shipments. All vehicles are monitored 00-24h.

Vehicle specification

  • Box sprinters
  • Tilt sprinters
  • Trucks of 3 t, capacity 40 m3
  • Trucks 5.7 t
  • Big trucks
  • Road transport

    Air freight

    Ocean freight


    KOMPAS international transport

    From the very foundation, the company will nurture and invest in its reputation by competitively providing services, building a base of loyal domestic and foreign clients, providing safe and quality service as well as full geographical coverage through its presence throughout the EU.


  • Transport organization with our own vehicles
  • Complete transport
  • Collective transport
  • Express transport
  • Transport of goods from 1kg to 24000 kg
  • Air freight
  • Ocean freight
  • Customs in Serbia
  • Warehouse services in Serbia
  • Our vision and strategy

    • VISION

      KOMPAS international transport Ltd.

      With continuing our education and learning process, we want to stay on top, and continue to provide high quality of services to our clients.
      # The development of our company needs to be a natural balanced and based on monitoring the growth of out longest-standing partners and attract new clients from the market.
      # The experience and knowledge acquired in business that are already developed in the markets worldwide should strive to be applied in Serbia.


      KOMPAS international transport Ltd.

      By constantly upgrading the quality of out business development, we want to provide our clients with a continuous growth in the market.
      # The long-term partnership based on mutual trust, loyalty and mutual respect can benefit everyone.
      # Our strategy is to constantly pay attention to the wishes and taste of clients, and have our employeers and managers provide with collectivism in the groups and build teamwork within our company.
      # We insist on high responsibility as well as significant investments in professional education and motivation.

    Due to the logistics services we provide, and thanks to our long experience in the international market, we have gained good reputation and trust among our clients.